We are a center of training and mobilization. To inspire, equip, and place dedicated people in the critical and hard to fill positions in many mission projects around the world. To mobilize volunteers that are ready to work for God in conjunction with the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its supporting ministries. We are in Belize, that is a country located next to Guatemala, and south from Mexico.

Join the host of the Lord

Increase knowledge and experience in practical evangelism.

Gain valuable experience working together as a team in the mission field.

Prepare to face the challenges that come with obeying Jesus until the end.

Get connected with other projects and ministries around the world

Learn a variety of practical skills.

What is MOVE

MOVE is a nine-month program comprised of two parts:
The first three months are a practical and theoretical training on MOVE’s campus in Belize. Two training sessions take place each year. One starts in the beginning of February, and the other takes place in the beginning of August.

The second part consists of six months of practical service in a Seventh-day Adventist mission project, where students are given the opportunity to apply what they have learned. During this time, leaders at the mission projects will provide mentorship and feedback for each student. Upon completion, students will graduate from the MOVE program.

MOVE expects each student to give their best in aspiring to be like Jesus.

What is it like living on MOVE’s campus?

The housing situation at MOVE is also designed to provide valuable experience for the mission field. All single students share homes that fit up to eight people, with two people sharing each bedroom and bathroom. Learning to live harmoniously with others is important, and there is even the exciting possibility of sharing a room with someone with a different culture and language! All those living in houses together must work as a team to purchase and prepare meals, as well as keep living spaces pleasant and clean. Learning to adapt to different ways cooking and cleaning with what is available, together with people from different cultures, will be excellent preparation for the mission field.

What does the program at MOVE include?

MOVE provides three months of practical and powerful classes at our campus in Belize. Through these classes, our goal is to inspire and equip people to conquer the world for Christ! The classes aim at developing character and strengthening determination to stand up for truth. Students will also practice assessing and addressing needs in the local community and around the world. Classes also provide the opportunity to develop dreams and goals alongside others who are also passionate about spreading the gospel to every nation, tribe, and tongue.

General Classes:

  • World Missions, Dynamic Missions, Radical Missions, Evangelism, Practical Skills, Agriculture, English/Spanish

Elective Classes:

  • Health, Construction, Education, Mechanics.

What is next?

The most exciting and growing experience comes after the three months of classes have been successfully completed! MOVE connects students with missionary projects around the world, making a strong network between donors, students, ministries, and missionaries. The students will then put into practice what they have learned by serving for six months at a mission post outside of Belize.

Am I eligible to apply?

In order to be accepted into MOVE, you must:

  • Desire to be a missionary
  • Be between 18 and 45 years old
  • Be legally and morally independent
  • Have a valid passport
  • Commit to taking the whole program (9 months)

After the application is completed, responses should be expected about three months before the program starts. Sending an email in addition to the application is recommended for those who are applying within three months of the program starting.

What does it cost?

Tuition and Housing are free for everyone, however each person is responsible for their personal expenses.

Food, internet, personal expenses, and general expenses are approximately $300USD for the three months.

Immigration for people from Europe and North America is approximately $150USD.

Immigration for people from Central and South America is approximately $300USD.

All individuals will need to pay from travel expenses to and from MOVE’s campus.

Why all of this?

The world is full of need. From starving children with no opportunity to gain an education to people dying without decent housing, medical care, and a knowledge of Jesus Christ—lives all over the world are in deep distress as a result of sin. However, we have HOPE in Jesus our savior, who lived a sinless life and died to overcome this world, death, and evil. He has gone to prepare a place for us so that we can LIVE for eternity with Him; and He is coming back! The most worthwhile endeavor in life is to live for Jesus and to introduce others to Him. In doing this, we are fighting against the forces of evil. By sharing the good news through service, we hope to rescue physically, and even more so spiritually, those who have been chained in slavery to the evil one. By inspiring, equipping, and mobilizing missionaries around the world, lives are changing for eternity.

Join the host of the Lord