Inspire. Equip. Mobilize

To inspire, equip, and place dedicated people in the critical and hard to fill positions in many mission projects around the world. To mobilize volunteers that are ready to work for God in conjunction with the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its supporting ministries. We are a center of training and mobilization.

3 Month Training

  • Extremely intense and exhaustive hands-on education
  • Packed with real life evangelism and outreach challenges
  • Classes specifically focused on missions and becoming a missionary
  • Electives in Health, Education, Agriculture, Mechanics, and Construction
  • Bilingual: Spanish and English
  • Cultural exposure
  • Working in local Belizean SDA churches and church plants
  • Experienced and tried missionary staff members
  • Character refining

6 Month Service

Once students come for our 3 months of "bootcamp" missionary training, we work hard to send and place them in the most suitable and needy mission posts.

  • Acting as a student missionary in a SDA mission Project
  • Anywhere in the world
  • Working in conjunction with MOVE and the local SDA churches
  • Monthly evaluations
  • Real Life Mission Service
  • Real life Challenges
  • Service Location chosen while at MOVE
  • Student chosen—MOVE assisted


The world is full of need. From starving children to people who can't read, people dying from disease to inadequate housing—lives all over the world are in deep distress as a result of the sin that is infesting the planet in which we live. However, we have HOPE in Jesus our savior, who died sinless for our guilt and overcame this world, death, and evil. He is coming back; he has gone to prepare a place for us so that we can LIVE for eternity with Him. We are fighting against the forces of evil and, by sharing the good news that we have through service, we hope to rescue physically and, more so, spiritually those who have been chained in slavery to the evil one. By inspiring, equipping, and mobilizing missionaries around the world we are changing lives.