• Be older than 18 years old.
  • Have a current passport.
  • Completed the application process.
  • Have the desire to serve God and be a missionary.
  • Commit to completing the complete 9 months of the MOVE program.

9 Month Missionary Training Program

3 Months "Bootcamp" Training in Belize

  • 2 programs each year
    • mid-February to mid-May
    • mid-August to mid-November
  • Classes are free
    • personal expenses and transportation must be paid by missionaries
    • costs for 3 months (USD)
      • Food $250
      • Immigration $75
      • Personal $50
      • Transportation $50

6 Months Active Service in a Foreign Field

  • Specific details depend on mission project
  • will be able to learn about and choose a project while at MOVE
  • Time must be a complete and continuous six months
  • Six months are evaluated monthly under a mission supervisor


A few important things everyone should bring is a willingness to learn, work shoes, clothes to get dirty, water bottle, rain jacket, and bible.

MOVE is a balanced organization in its beliefs and in its ways of reaching others. By being balanced we refer to the fact that we have strong, clear principles that aren't negotiable, but at the same time we give everyone the freedom to choose for themselves a life that will honor and glorify God.

MOVE focuses on technical training more than on intellectual training. We believe in the blessing of work and the opportunities to reach out to others while serving as mechanics, builders, health workers, farmers, and teachers.

MOVE greatly values independent thinking. We help others think for themselves; to be logical, creative, economical, and to be willing to step out of their comfort zone and move beyond worldly standards while developing faithfulness to God.

MOVE is evangelistic. We don't see evangelism only as an activity such as studying the Bible, visiting house to house, or having meetings at church (although we do all of these). We live evangelism in every moment of our lives; working for and with others, building, providing health attention, visiting, having small groups, repairing vehicles, makings friends, feeding people, giving clothes, and teaching others about the plan of salvation and the times we live in.

MOVE only works with volunteers. We don't receive pay nor do we pay, and donations are what help develop the infrastructure. Each missionary lives, travels or serves depending completely on God for financial support through donations, savings, or different sources.