We don't actually have a class entitled work, but we do have 3 hours a day for four days a week of time in which we require the students to work manually. Often times this is in the sun and can be taxing. We value work as something equally, if not more, important than the classes. 

Core Classes

Our classes focus in real-life practical education designed to equip each student with the tools necessary to confront the mission field. The classes help develop or refine essential missionary qualities such as: a personal, consecrated relationship with Jesus, work ethic, interpersonal skills, organizational resource management, and each individual character.

  • World Missions
  • Dynamic Missions
  • Radical Missions
  • Evangelism
  • Practical Skills
  • English/Spanish




Natural Remedies, Health Message, First Responder Training



Blueprint education based theory mixed practical experience. Classes on classroom management, planning, and curriculum development. 



Small engine, solar, electricity, welding, and light engine repair.



Cement, framing, woodwork, plumbing, tile, and more.



Tropical Agriculture strategies and implimentation