How move works

MOVE is a training center that applies the Biblical principles of education to help students develop a strong character like Jesus. He is our master teacher, and the program is designed in a way that allows students to recognize areas where they need Jesus to grow them and make them more like Him. Every activity at MOVE has purpose and aims to equip students with knowledge and experiences that will expand their sphere of influence in positions of service.

Mission Classes

World Mission

Presents knowledge about different cultures, religions, and languages, and teaches how to adapt ministries to help different people groups.

Radical Mission

Empowers with principles to help maintain focus on mission and prevent discouragement about problems that will be faced in the mission field.

Dynamic Mission

Guides through the process of starting a ministry, including how to utilize volunteers, select goals based on needs, and effectively lead volunteers in ministering to others and ultimately closer to God.

Move Class

Instills the principles of MOVE, and provides information regarding the six months of service, including preparation steps, expectations for service, and opportunities for maintaining mission lifestyle.

General Classes


Provides guidance and tools for designing powerful Bible studies, small groups, and sermons for people across diverse cultures. Students will have opportunities to practice what they are learning in the surrounding communities


Practical Skills

Equips students with skills in order to increase adaptability, versatility, and independence in the mission field. Areas covered may include wilderness survival, electricity, first aid, solar panels, haircuts, reading music, graphic design, soap making, website design, and more.



Challenges students to speak, read, and write in a second language. Belize provides a unique opportunity for learning both English and Spanish since many speak Spanish here although the national language is English. The language classes provide a framework for the many opportunities here to learn by immersion.



Provides hands on experience in planting, maintaining, and harvesting gardens. Not only will this be useful in mission locations where gardening is needed, but it will also help to develop patience and character.


Elective Classes


Education class teach you how to teach anything in a powerful way that avoid your students to forget it easily, you will learn how to make an assessment, planning, creative activities and evaluations.


Mechanics class leds you to understand how small and big engines work and how to service them, you also will learn about electricity and residential installations, and even solar panels and its system design, management and maintenance.


Construction class makes you understand the basic principles of desing, calculations, budgets, and a lot of practical experience in order to being able to do further projects by yourself.


Health class is for those interested in learn how to deal with common issues in mission field, you will learn how the human body works, and things such as sutures, injections, and using food for healing, medicine plants, even emergencies.

I went to move and:

it helped me a lot.

Sara Bohorquez. It helped me a lot, because I feel that God used this training to show me talents and abilities that I had, to realize my great need for Him and that to be a missionary I must be trained and prepared by him. I believe that God led me to Move to face myself, to help me overcome...

it was a great blessing.

Yasmina Chanek. For me, taking the MOVE program was a great blessing. The 3-month preparation is super useful. You learn and unlearn a lot. I know that the classes and evangelism activities are intense, the work schedule. But it prepares you to serve in many ways on the mission field. The...

it tested my character in just the way I needed.

Ellie Kahler. At MOVE I learned many practical things, but more than that, I was confronted with experiences that tested my character in just the way I needed. After spending three months at MOVE, I spent my six months in Peru—but that soon turned into two years. After these years, my life was...

it opened my mind.

Angie Valera. I was leaving a different place in rules, closed in terms of the diversity of cultures, moving helped me to open my brain more, to have more ideas, to accept other kinds of projects, to understand that the work is done in different places and methods and not only in health, thanks to...

had a meeting with God.

By Julie Galan. My life passed from home to work, work-home, church-home, apparently everything was fine but inside me there was a void. I was tired, bored with my lifestyle so I decided to apply to Move according to being a missionary but the truth did not understand what it means to be a...

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