Living Arrangements

Any single person who comes has the opportunity to live in one of our dormitories with other missionaries. It's highly probable that you'll get the opportunity to share a room or house with someone from a different culture, language, and/or eating style so having a sense of adventure is good to bring with you. Depending on the number of students, you could be sharing a room and bathroom with one or two other people.

Eating Arrangements

In each house, the house comes up with a budget, menu, and cooking schedule in which everyone in the house contributes to. The students themselves manage the money that is shared for buying food or any house item. 

MOVE's Missionaries

MOVE forms leaders.

MOVE doesn't intend to keep missionaries, but to send them to the most needy parts of the world.

MOVE only works with volunteers. We don't receive pay nor do we pay, and donations are what help develop the infrastructure. Each missionary lives, travels or serves depending completely on God for financial support through donations, savings, or different sources.

MOVE is visionary. We are constantly planning, dreaming, and imagining new ways of service based on the instructions in the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. We never cease to be surprised by the innumerable options there are to serve.

MOVE is active. We don’t only dream, but we act, moving by faith as fast as possible.


Living Arrangements

We have housing for families or couples in the form of a small house that comes with only the essentials that you'll need for the 3 months while at MOVE. We do, however, have a limited amount of space for families making it only possible for only one or two families/couples to come each program.

Eating Arrangements

Since you will be living in a small house with a kitchen, meals will be eaten and coordinated in the house and by the family. Depending on your eating style will determine how much for costs will be.