By Julie Galan.
My life passed from home to work, work-home, church-home, apparently everything was fine but inside me there was a void. I was tired, bored with my lifestyle so I decided to apply to Move according to being a missionary but the truth did not understand what it means to be a missionary, my real reasons at that time was because I wanted to live something new, travel, meet friends from all over. or even find a partner .. And you know, my reader friend, God transformed my incorrect reasons into correct ones. In this school I learned to meet God. I learned to perform my personal worship, I learned to enjoy getting up very early to pray, I learned that there is a greater blessing in giving than receiving, I learned to live a practical gospel … I remember little about classes, I used to fall asleep because I was always tired. At Move you work hard !! You know, I also learned to look at the ugliness of my character and to ask God for it. God was showing me my life purpose, thanks to God and the Move school which is a channel of blessing, my life was never the same again. Undoubtedly, this school provides a good environment for you to grow as a person, develop physical and mental abilities, develop leadership, your ability to relate and communicate, it provides the space for you to meet God but largely depends on you and your communion with God. If you still do not dare to make the decision, I invite you to pray and God will guide you.